The Four Elements Of A Successful Relationship

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On Thursday, my co-podcaster, Shaun, and husband guy, takes over the blog.

He’s adorable. I hope you’ll read what he says even if he does occasionally sound like a surfer dude from the 1990s or Captain Pontification. And no, we don’t always agree. 🙂

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Shaun Farrar

Carrie and I just finished eating our dinner and I was wondering what I should do now that we had cleaned up and I might have a bit of relaxation time. Then I had this horribly sinking thought, Sh*t, you forgot to do your blogpost! Carrie is going to kill you if she has to edit and post this late in the evening.

It is now 6:42 p.m. and what you have read is exactly what I have written. I am so afraid that my hands are going to start shaking in just a moment. You don’t know Carrie like I do!

I am just kidding. She’s a pretty good soul and won’t be all that angry with me. Actually, she won’t be angry at all. You know why? Because she loves me (or at least she says so). I believe this to be true, however. It’s because of Carrie that I have figured out the true meaning of love. Well, maybe not the meaning but the formula for long-lasting love.

Of course, there are a number of elements, and for the purpose of this blog, there will be four elements. I list them out below in no particular order.

  1. Mental attraction.
  2. Physical attraction.
  3. Emotional attraction.

Now those are your three base elements but there is one more very important element. This one is the key to the long-lasting part of love. What is this all-essential element?


That’s the big one! It doesn’t matter how many of the basic three you have or how strong those basic three are because without the fourth element, forgiveness, your clock is ticking.

So, just remember that nobody is perfect including ourselves. With plenty of exceptions, there is nothing that we can’t forgive of those that we love.

The real point of this blog? My lovely wife Carrie has an incredibly large amount of the fourth element and for this, I am very thankful!

I have to get this emailed to her before she has to forgive me again.

Peace and remember to Always Love Your Way Through It!


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