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  • Be Brave Wednesday.

    Be Brave Wednesday.

    So, a lot of time, I have to remind myself that I’m a writer. And to do that, I’ve started drafting poems each morning. They are poems that I will probably never actually look at again. But poems are actually why I started loving writing when I was little. Poems are the things that made…

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  • Young Woman at the Cocktail Party

    A poem for Monday!

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  • Be Brave Friday: Maybe it’s a little brave to have no freaking clue

    I’ve been working on this painting a bit this week, but mostly staring at it and trying to figure it out. It is a bit of a homage to my cousin and her little girl (who isn’t so little now, but just so beautiful) and then it branches out into something bigger. It gives me…

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    I’ve been quietly writing poems first thing every morning for a couple of weeks now. I guess, it’s my idea of morning pages, which is a writer thing where you write in the morning. Or maybe like journaling, which is a self-help thing where you get your brain ready for the day. So, I write…

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  • Want to hook the reader into your story?

    Don’t be too much. CARRIE JONES AUG 10, 2023 Share In real life, I can kind of be a lot if you know me. I’m pretty enthusiastic and exuberant like a puppy and this? Well, this is not for everyone. And just like real life, sometimes book beginnings can be a bit too much. So,…

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  • The Crows

    The Crows

    I wrote a poem.

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  • Navigating Liminal Spaces: A Journey from Perceptual Boundaries to Empowered Perception

    Living Happy Extra CARRIE JONES JUL 29, 2023 I posted this on my substack last week, but I thought I might share it here, too! Also, I’m teaching a free workshop at the Writing Barn, August 22. You should come! Here’s the link I was born backwards and with the caul wrapped around my head.…

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    It’s a poem! GHOSTED It was like one of those self-help blogs That only talk in abstractions About the power of self-love Or how to end a toxic relationship. That’s when I realized That the person not showing up Was me. All that bemoaning About not putting in the effort, Not taking the time to…

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  • Be Brave Friday–Finding Awe in a Tomato

    I tell the story about one of my grandmother’s a lot. She was born in 1896, which means she’d be 127 now if she was still alive, which is kind of staggering. She died in 2001, which if my math is right, means she made it to 104, which is pretty staggering, too. My dad…

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  • Tourist Love–A poem

    Tourist Love–A poem

    I wrote a poem. TOURIST LOVE At dusk as I tiptoed along the Shore Path, Between tourists grumbling about fog and the price of lobster, Listening to the sound of whaler motors humming out existence, I fell in love with a rose bush. Not the cultivated kind, but the stubborn ones that cling to sea…

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