Quieting the hiss of what’s missing

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Anyway, I’m crossposting here just so:

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Here’s the post.

Today, I got a tiny bit enamored with a couple of writing quotes.

I know! I know! This isn’t a super craft-oriented weekly post that usually happens. I hope you’ll forgive me. Sometimes you just have to break format.

So, the first one is from Bono.

And then this one from Julia Cameron.

“The act of making art is both scary and healing. Art brings light to places that have remained dark. Art brings perspective. Making art, at any level, is an act of courage and an expression of faith.”

― Julia Cameron, The Miracle of Morning Pages: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Most Important Artist’s Way Tool

It seems to me lately that everything we do is this. It’s an act of courage. And maybe an expression of hope. We make art, write pages, make choices, and maybe or maybe not it will make a difference to us and to others. Maybe our stories will give others courage to create their own. Maybe our art will bring us all closer—or at least a couple of us closer.

What is it that we do to fill those holes inside of us? Those missing pieces? Art, connections, writing, reaching out . . . They all can still the hiss of what’s missing a bit, can’t they?

So, go out there. Write. Do exercises. Submit your stories. Make your art. Live your life. Breathe in the air. And I’ll be back next week with exercises and a craft tip and a place to submit.

Thanks so much for being here with me.




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