The Places We Hide – A Bar Harbor Rose Mystery


Rosie Jones, small town reporter and single mom, is looking forward to her first quiet Maine winter with her young daughter, Lily. After a disastrous first marriage, she’s made a whole new life and new identities for her and her little girl. Rosie is more than ready for a winter of cookies, sledding, stories about planning board meetings, and trying not to fall in like with the local police sergeant, Seamus Kelley.

But after her car is tampered with and crashes into Sgt. Kelley’s cruiser during a blizzard, her quiet new world spirals out of control and back into the danger she thought she’d left behind. One of her new friends is murdered. She herself has been poisoned and she finds a list of anagrams on her dead friend’s floor. 

As the killer strikes again, it’s obvious that the women of Bar Harbor aren’t safe. Despite the blizzard and her struggle to keep her new identity a secret, Rosie sets out to make sure no more women die. With the help of the handsome but injured Sgt. Kelley and the town’s firefighters, it’s up to Rosie to stop the murderer before he strikes again.

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The Places We Hide by Carrie Jones
The Places We Hide by Carrie Jones

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best thrillers The People Who Kill
The people who kill


Sometimes it seems like everyone wants someone to die . . . .

After dealing with a serial killer and a long Maine winter, Rosie Jones is ready for a little bit of calm in her adopted coastal Maine town. Then Ernie Emerson, a ladies man and newly married cop, is bludgeoned to death outside a summer estate in what many think was a robbery gone wrong.

But Rosie soon realizes that a lot of people, including the fired town manager, had some pretty powerful reasons to want Ernie dead.

The death of Ernie brings a whole lot of repercussions for Rosie. She might be losing her reporting job.  There’s all kinds of tension with her still-not-divorced, sort-of-boyfriend, Seamus Kelley, and her snooping is potentially making her the killer’s next target.

Hoping to solve the crime before she gets hurt any more, Rosie starts to put the pieces together. But that’s not that easy when nobody, including Seamus, wants her to do lawn enforcement’s job and solve the murder of one of their own.

With a persistent, adorable main character, the clever second installment of the Bar Harbor Rose mystery series from New York Times and internationally bestselling author Carrie Jones is a spunky mystery that will keep readers guessing to the end.

Watch out for more from Rosie Jones

A small town reporter with her own sad past, Rose Jones will do anything to keep her and her daughter, and her friends safe. The People Who Kill is the second book in the series.

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books set in bar harbor
The things we seek

Sometimes the treasure is not worth the hunt . . . .

Reporter Rosie Jones and Sergeant Seamus Kelley have dealt with two gruesome murderers in their short time together and are finally ready to focus on their romance.

When a few random people go missing on their large Maine island, things seem like they’ve gone terribly wrong. Again. What at first seems like a fun treasure hunt soon turns into something much more sinister . . . and they learn that things are not yet safe on their island or in their world. If they want to keep more people from going missing, Rosie and Seamus have to crack the puzzle before it’s too late.

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The discovery of a dead town councilor’s remains unearths yet another nightmare for reporter Rosie Jones in the romantic thriller by New York Times and internationally bestselling author Carrie Jones

Things are finally getting hot and heavy between Rosie Jones and police sergeant Seamus Kelley as they approach their wedding date. But now Rosie finds human remains on the edge of a popular hiking trail in Acadia National Park.

Seamus determines the bones belong to a local, somewhat beloved town councilor and the investigation threatens to derail both their adorable Maine tourist town and Rosie and Seamus’s relationship.

To keep the community she loves safe, Rosie is going to have to face both the town’s demons and her own.


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