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September 25, 2021,

Edited to Add: As of right this second, this page is in flux because my plugin expired and the new plugin did not convert all my old recipes.

Dastardly, I know! So, I’ll be updating and updating and updating for all time. Until then, things will be a bit wiggy on here.

Original post

Anyways, there are a million blogs about how writing is like cooking, but not really anything about cooking like a writer. So, our new Thursday segment is now COOKING LIKE A WRITER.

What does this mean?It means I’m going to share one recipe with you each Thursday and it’s not going to be shiny and pretty and slick.

It’s going to be real, people, because writers of kidlit are authentic AF.

It’s also going to be vegetarian because I’m not about death of animals even though EVERYONE else in my family is about animals as food. So part of this is my quest to convince them to go the vegetarian way. Not the vegan way. They are so not ready for that.

You can go to the categories link on the side bar to see the recipes, and I will occasionally post links to them here.


Right there, below this. I did not lie!

Potato Tacos of Awesome. 

Dude, There’s a Burrito in My Spaghetti Squash. 

Black Bean Soup Of Young Adult Novel Dreams – Allegedly Spicy

Chickpea Pasta Imposter Syndrome 

Pasta Starring Broccoli As Our Protagonist

Squishy Butternut Squash Soup of Awesome

Anti-Stress Corn and Vegetable Quesadilla

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