Editing Services

I work with writers who are stuck or insecure and help them make better stories so they can get readers who adore them.  

This is me, Carrie, so you can put a face to the editor you work with.

About editing

There is no one way to write and there is no one way to edit writers. All of us are different, which is amazing. This is why my editing is tailored to your specific needs and personality.

We begin with a short email exchange or 15-minute phone call. It’s free. That’s how we delve into your writing goals and issues and figure out how we’ll work together.

Next, we determine what you want, create a contract, and begin. We’ll have a goal and a plan. The fun will be how we get there as we find the writing answers geared specifically for you.

Here are some typical plans:

Whole Manuscript Critiques

You’ll receive an editorial letter with global development questions posed, ways to improve cited as well as massive applause for what you’re doing right. This is priced per page, but the basic rate is $1,000 for 200 pages formatted via industry standard or 50,000-60,000 words.

Other Details.

I’ll read your pages and send you a 20-50 page letter about what is amazing, what isn’t quite so amazing, and what I think you might want to do to make your story sing off the page.

Minor rewriting is included in the editing process nor is a full rewrite. That’s because you’re in charge of your story, not me!

I can’t wait to help you make your book real and beautiful and resonating.

The MFA Approach

This is an ongoing process. For a minimum of four months, you send in a 40-page packet of work. You’ll get back a 10-page editorial letter (at least). Truth is, I tend to go longer than that. Or, if you’re a track changes kind of person, we can do it that way. This is about you and your needs. So, you decide. This costs $1,000. It may seem like a lot, but when you think about the MFA costs (even for distance programs), it is pretty much an amazing deal.

The Let’s Try Each Other Out

I will critique 10 pages for $100. You and I get to see how well we click and then we move on.

The Gift

Sometimes awesome friends and family members will want to give you something to help you develop your writing. This is because they love you, not because they think you need it. Email to discuss the particulars

The Development

I will critique your cover letter/query as well as the first chapter and give you a first impression with discussion of the beginning hook and suggestions for improvement. This costs $200.

Rates for Phone/Skype Sessions: For people who are not into written critiques.

 $90 an hour flat session rate.

$90 an hour prep time (e.g., reading and editing your manuscript).

I am currently accepting clients. for more information, please email me at carriejonesbooks@gmail.com and good luck with your writing!

For more testimonials, check out this link.

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