Writing Coach of Your Dreams

best writing coach ever carrie jones

What Do I Do?

I work with writers who are stuck or insecure and help them make better stories so they can get readers who adore them.  

Look. I know that being a writer is hard. I know it’s scary.

I quit my job as a newspaper editor to go to graduate school and devote my time to studying to be the best writer I could be, to commit to it, to get the tools to make good stories.

It was terrifying.

But it was worth it.

I want to help you be brave and commit to it, too.

Some of us write for money. Some of us write because it seems romantic. Some of us write to be whole.

I want to help you be whole. Earning a living and being romantic are added bonuses, too!

What Can You Do?

You should be brave enough to get the skills to be able to tell the stories that might change the world and your world. Your voice matters. The world needs your stories!

Come on this journey with me as we make ourselves the best writers we can be by making the best stories and literary lives that we can.

About coaching: There is no one way to write and there is no one way to coach writers. All of us are different, which is amazing. This is why my coaching is tailored to your specific needs and personality.

We begin with a short email exchange or 15-minute phone call. It’s free. That’s how we delve into your writing goals and issues and figure out how we’ll work together.

Next, we determine what you want, create a contract, and begin. We’ll have a goal and a plan. The fun will be how we get there as we find the writing answers geared specifically for you.

What Is A Writing Coach?

Writing coaches help writers focus, plan, and execute. Carrie is your cheerleader, mentor and advisor, helping you getting your book and your writing life into shape.



The Holy Cow Plan!
  • $1350/month
  • Eight—two weekly—60-minute phone coaching sessions or on Zoom
  • Up to ten hours of manuscript reading and critique, email exchanges, and editorial assessment per month
  • Facebook group
In It To Win It Plan!
  • $1,200/month
  • Eight—two weekly—30-minute phone coaching sessions or on Zoom
  • Up to four hours of manuscript reading and critique, email exchanges, and editorial assessment per month
  • Facebook group
You’ve Got This Plan!
  • $375/month
  • Four 30-minute phone coaching sessions per month or on Zoom.
  • Up to two hours of manuscript reading and critique, email exchanges, and editorial assessment per month
  • Facebook group
Here You Go Plan!
  • $250/month
  • Two 30-minute phone coaching sessions per month (or equivalent)
  • Up to one hour of manuscript reading & critique, developmental editing and email exchanges
  • Facebook group

More Details

If you require extra coaching, reading or emailing that’s above and beyond our agreed on plan, you can just ask! And you’ll be charged $90/hour.

It’s good to try to commit to three months if you can.

We’ll set deadlines and consistent session times, but if you give me 24-hour notice then we can always reschedule because life happens. If you miss a session, we’ll make it up within the same month or else it’s forfeited.


Big time developmental editing is not included in writing coach services. Editor rates run $90 an hour. I know most editors and coaches charge more, but I have a wicked soft spot for writers that exceeds my need to eat and pay for food.

Rates for Phone/Skype Sessions: For people who are not into written critiques.

 $75 an hour flat session rate.

$75 an hour prep time (e.g., reading and editing your manuscript).

I am currently accepting clients. for more information, please email me at carriejonesbooks@gmail.com and good luck with your writing!

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