My Art

Carrie Jones Art for Sale

Growing up, my mother told me that people in our family could be writers, but not artists. I believed her and because I longed to create became a writer. Now, I use art to help me express the nature of my stories. It helps me understand the truths of the story that need to be said, but also the paint creates truths of its own.  

When I’m painting, I allow myself to think beyond words and into images and color-saturated worlds that reflect the magic of nature, beyond nature, and even humans ourselves. There’s a strange collaboration between image and purity, words and humans that allows my brain to imagine in entirely different ways. It’s a bit of a miracle to me. And how can I not long for bits of miracles? 

When I write books, I also paint images that represent themes or places. Most of my books are heavily inspired by where I live, which is in on an island in Maine.

You can buy limited addition prints of these images by contacting me via the CONTACT FORM .

All prints are limited edition run of 25 or less on either high-quality matte or glossy paper and are either, 5 by 7, 8.5 by 11 or 13 by 9. Prices tend to range from $15 to $75 plus postage. They are all signed.