Dogs are Smarter Than People

This podcast is all about trying to live a happy, better life and being happier, better people and how you can use those skills in writing and vice versa. But we’re not perfect, just like our podcast. We’re cool with that.


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Why A Podcast About Writing and Life and Dogs?

Life doesn’t go the way we want it to a lot of the time. Your kid gets a speeding ticket. You can lose your job, your mom, your friend. Life is improvisation and yeah – the whole seize the day thing is a cliché because it’s important.



So to enjoy life you’ve got to be a good improviser. What does it take to be a good improviser?


  1. Be aware. Be awake. Don’t succumb to numbness. Be brave! Say yes to things!
  2. Be aware of other people. Not just focused on yourself.
  3. Say yes to things. Live your biggest damn life and take chances.


Those are the same things that make you a good writer and a good significant other, friend, and dog owner. Weird, right?

Dog Tip for Life
Dog Tip for Life

Writing Tip – Say yes to experiences and to writing about them. When you look at the page, don’t see emptiness, see possibility.

Writing Tip of the Podcast
Writing Tip of the Podcast


Dog Tip – Say yes to every new experience! And don’t just say yes, SAY YES!!! Live your life with exclamation marks and joy.

Hey! There’s some bonus content over on my website with links to free things. FREE THINGS!

Episode Two is Here – Living with A Writer!

My Post copy

Episode Three is Here – The Library of Snores

My Post copy

Bonus Episode #1 is Here –  Solo podcast about How Carrie Messed Up Everything and Was Still Traditionally Published

Adobe Spark-3 copy

Bonus Episode #2 is Here – Solo podcast about Embracing Your Weird

Adobe Spark-7

Episode 4 is Here – Does Bono Like Donkeys? How to Create Character – Sort of

My Post copy 2

Episode Five is here – White Russians Have Three Ingredients, Darn it!

Episode Six is Here – “I’m Getting a Bag Right Now!” How We Talk Matters.

Bonus Episode 3 – “Shaun Doesn’t Read Anymore.” Why? Because he’s married to a writer. Um… Ouch.

Episode 7 is Here – “Baked Spaghetti” and not all demographics/characters have the same experience.

Episode 8 is Here“Your Voice is Your Own” and we show it by illustrating the difference in Shaun’s voice and Carrie’s. 

Let the kindness in your heart be reflected in your voice.  

Episode 9 is Here – “Are you a lonely writer? Critique me, baby.” Quick hints about being a guru (Just kidding!), critique partners, and beta readers. Writing tips and help from NYT bestselling author Carrie Jones
We love you!

Episode 10 is Here – “Brainstorming – It sounds sort of nasty.” Five ways to brainstorm story ideas and Shaun being silly.


Writing tips and help from NYT bestselling author Carrie Jones
Five Ways to Brainstorm Story Ideas


Episode 11 is Here – “Emotional Resonance and Alleged Sock Thefts – Live messy. Live Large.”

Creating resonance and cohesion in your life and your story. Tips on how to make life better.

Episode 12 is Here – Make Your Self and Your Characters Memorable

How to Be Memorable When Making Your Self or Your Characters. Tips from NYT Bestselling children's book author Carrie Jones and her husband on their podcast DOGS ARE SMARTER THAN PEOPLE
Quirky is key!

Episode 13 is Here – Three Hot Tips for Success Even After You’ve Screwed Up

Three hot tips for success when you mess up

Episode 14 is here – Live Your Life Like a Dog – Focus on Experience and Be Better

Dogs are Smarter Than People
Dogs are Smarter Than People

Episode 15 is here – How To Be Happy Even If You’re a Writer

How to Be Happy Even if You're a Writer - Some Tips. Carrie Jones books NYT bestseller's writing advice and podcast, Dogs are Smarter than People

Episode 16 is here – Perfectionists aren’t perfect

Three Tips to Fight Perfectionism
So so so sad

Episode 17 is here – First Drafts Suck, But So Do A Lot of Things, It’s Okay

first drafts suck
First drafts suck


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