It’s our very own writing course!

Basically, it’s set up a bit like a distance MFA program, only it costs a lot less and also has a big element of writer support built in. This program costs $125 a month and runs for four-month sessions and starts in April 2020 

Here are the details: 

Every month you will submit a monthly packet. The date of the submission can be of your choosing, but it’s good to have a consistent date.

In each monthly packet you will:  

  • Submit either 20 double-spaced pages of a novel or two picture book manuscripts under 700 words.
  • Submit a letter to me each month detailing how your writing is going and any questions or concerns you have.
  • Participate in a closed Facebook group with your fellow students and myself.
  • Participate in the two-hour Zoom conference each month. 

I will respond with an approximately 10-page feedback letter within a week of your packet’s submission. I will also return a marked-up copy of your story with comments and grammatical corrections. 

And each month we will have a Zoom class with everyone attending.  

The first session dates will be: April 26, May 24, June 27, July 19.                                              The times are: 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. EST. 

Each Zoom session will have: 

  • A writing exercise 
  • A 30-minute lecture about a part of the writing/craft process.
  • A 30-minute discussion about submitting, submissions, and marketing.
  • A 30-minute free-form discussion about craft, support, writing life, and other topics. 

If I get a ton of people signing up, I might have to create other session dates and times. That’s because I want it to feel intimate and close. 

There are testimonials about my work:

There are some testimonials on my website link and also on Reedsy’s platform

There are a lot of testimonials.

How Do You Pay?

Payments would run through either PayPal, or you can send me a check.

You could pay all at once or monthly, but the program runs four months.

Once you let me know that you’re interested, I’ll send you a quick application that you can send back to me! 

How do you let me know you’re interested? There’s a form right here!