About Me, Carrie Jones,Writer Person


Internationally bestselling author? Check.

New York Times bestselling author? Check.

Work featured on NPR, Glamour, Cosmopolitan? Check.

Presenter at Rotary International, Shelter Box, and more? Check.

Quirky but generous podcaster, editor, and writing coach? Absolutely.

Hi! I’m the internationally bestselling and New York Times bestselling author of many children’s books and books for young adults and adults, including the Need series, Time Stoppers series, and Flying series.

A Rotarian once told me,”there is no money in modesty,” but I have a really hard time talking about myself. I’d much rather talk about other people. But … here goes … just so you know I’m legit.


This is me. My hair is wet. I’m not wearing make-up. This is normal in Maine. I’m not so sure about everywhere else?

Okay. Back to my writing experience.

I am also the co-editor of Dear Bully, an anthology of children’s book writers’ experiences with bullying. I’ve also contributed to Things We Haven’t Said, which is an anthology of people who survived sexual assaults that happened when they were younger than eighteen.

I’ve won a bunch of awards, which is awesome if someone shells out the money when I die so that I get a long obituary to include them.

I’m the volunteer public image coordinator for Rotary International for a lot of the United States and Canada.

And I do a lot of volunteer work with our local theater, children’s hunger programs, Shelter Box, Rotary, a local nonprofit pre-school, Abbe Museum, anti human trafficking organizations and dog rescues.

I’m really fond of rescue dogs, rescue cats and manatees. I wish I could rescue manatees, but I live in Maine, plus … pet manatees are against the law.

Manatees are meant to be free.

I have epilepsy.

I’ve been a gymnastics coach,  an on-call firefighter, emergency dispatcher, newspaper editor, columnist, sports reporter, and photographer.

Out of all those things, I like being a quirky writer best.

I blog about writing here at carriejonesbooks.blog. I’m a writing coach and podcaster and children’s book writer. I have another website here: carriejonesbooks.com, that I tend not to update. 

I also have a Patreon (check out the sidebar) and podcasts (check out the header).

I have a little newsletter and if you’d like to sign up for my blog posts, which happen almost every weekday? That would be amazing. You can do that by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button on the right.

Dogs are smarter than people - the podcast, writing tips, life tips, quirky humans, awesome dogs
The podcast of awesome

Dogs are Smarter Than People is the podcast I have with my husband.

We give writing tips, life tips, and random thoughts. It’s not super polished and it’s not rehearsed but authentic? Everyone, we are so authentic. We spend way too much of the podcast laughing. And also sighing. We are married after all.

We have a few more podcasts, too. Some are NSFW.  Our newest is Dude, No.

I’m a writer.

The real way I make money is through books. So, if you want to buy them or check them out? That would be awesome.

My very first book I ever wrote was in fourth grade. It was Star Trek fan fiction. It was 263 notebook pages starring a girl named Carly who was a dork and loved alien dogs and had to save the universe. This is an ongoing theme in my stories. Apparently, I still haven’t gotten that hero complex out of my head. The Flying series even has an alien dog. Yes, the lead character has to save the world. Cough. Don’t judge.

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