Be Brave Wednesday.

So, a lot of time, I have to remind myself that I’m a writer.

And to do that, I’ve started drafting poems each morning. They are poems that I will probably never actually look at again. But poems are actually why I started loving writing when I was little. Poems are the things that made my life better again and again and again. They saved me in second grade, in high school, junior year of college.

But, I never felt like my voice was refined enough to fit in the poetry world.

So, I stopped writing them for a long time. I became afraid of the things that had saved me over and over again.

I’ve decided to not do that any longer. So, now I write a poem when I wake up in the morning before I do anything else. They don’t need to be approved by poetry gatekeepers or even get likes on Instagram. It’s good enough that I know that they are there.

Here’s this morning’s.

I hope you find a way to embrace the things that save you. I hope you find a way to realize that you deserve those things and the embrace.



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