Get in your crate, Shaun!

On Thursdays, my co-podcaster, Shaun, and husband guy, takes over the blog.

He’s adorable. I hope you’ll read what he says even if he does occasionally sound like a surfer dude from the 1990s or Captain Pontification. And no, we don’t always agree. 🙂

As many of you know, we have a new member of our family in the form of a (probably) 14-week-old puppy. We have had her for about a month now and we got her when she was approximately 10 weeks old. She is a rescue puppy so her age is a close guess. Her name is Pogie and she is beautiful and amazing and also quite the handful at times.

We had to drive to Massachusetts to get her and on the way home we stopped at a big box pet store to get some supplies, most important of which was a small wire crate for training and also to hopefully give her a safe and cozy place to retreat to when she needs some down time.

Pogie spends a lot of her sleeping time in her crate and occasionally spends a bit of awake time in it as well, because that is where she serves her timeouts. For the most part, Pogie is well behaved, but on once in a while she will be simply too much to handle when you are trying to get something done or she will forget that puppies are only supposed to pee outside.

One recent night, after dinner, I was acting a little like Pogie. I was being very spastic and bothersome (albeit in a very humorous manner) while Carrie was trying to work. Now, who works after dinner, I just don’t know! But Carrie was obviously doing very important work on this money making (she claims) website. I could barely see the webpage but it said Face-something.

Spoiler from Carrie: He is lying. I was not on Face-something.

Anyway, she was holding Pogie, who was sleeping, in her lap. She turned to me (as I laughed hysterically at something I had just said to her) and said, “Get in your crate!”

I stopped for a second. I was totally flabbergasted! Where was her since of humor? How could she be so cruel as to tell me to get in my crate?

Then it dawned on me. I started to laugh even harder (and I am sure even more annoyingly) while I leaned down towards Pogie. I whispered in Pogie’s ear, “Momma don’t have no crate big enough for me.”

Pogie gave a barely audible whimper and I turned and laughed my way out of the room at a rapid pace. You see, Momma don’t have no crate big enough for me, but she can damn sure take away my favorite toy!


And remember to always LOVE YOUR WAY THROUGH IT!