Reasons to Be a Writer #1391

Reason #1391 Why I'm a Writer

I’m talking about the reasons to be a writer and specifically one of my main reasons.

There was this movie back in the 1980s or 1990s called SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL.

My favorite part was the kissing scene where Watts tries to teach Keith how to kiss. I mean that is smooth.

Totally cool and chill.

Why did I never pull that  in high school? 

I mean, that is soooooo smooth.

When I was in high school I was more like,

Wow. Is he going to kiss me? How do I make him kiss me? If I lean in, will he kiss me? Will she kiss me? WILL SOMEONE KISS ME OTHER THAN MY DOG? EVER?

Carrie being pathetic in high school, a direct quote from her brain.

And basically I NEVER got to practice kiss with my hot male friend or hot female friend and I ended up being more like Mary Katherine Gallagher:

I think that’s one of the trillion reasons why I write. Because being a writer you can make things happen in stories and sometimes those things involve kissing cute people instead of trees or dogs. Sometimes you can make your characters save the world, that same one you want so desperately want to save. Sometimes you can give your characters hope when hope feels like a mirage.

How about you?

Do you write? Why? What are your reasons to be a writer?

Do you read? Why?

So many whys.



My new book, IN THE WOODS, is out!


It’s with Steve Wedel. It’s scary and one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Buzz Books for Summer 2019. There’s an excerpt of it there and everything! But even cooler (for me) they’ve deemed it buzz worthy! Buzz worthy seems like an awesome thing to be deemed! 

You can order this bad boy, which might make it have a sequel. The sequel would be amazing. Believe me, I know. It features caves and monsters and love. Because doesn’t every story?

In the Woods
In the Woods


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