Episode #3 – Don’t Block Yourself, Welcome to the Library of Snores

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Episode #3 - Don't Block Yourself, Welcome to the Library of Snores

Blocking happens in life when we are afraid.

Writer Vasubandhu believes there are five main fears that all humans have:

  1. Death
  2. Bankruptcy
  3. Losing your reputation
  4. Losing consciousness
  5. Speaking in front of people.


I don’t have some of those fears, but I know that the fears I do have keep me from reaching out, stepping beyond my comfort zone. Like this podcast is hard for me because I had a teacher who told me I would never be successful or get married or get into college because my voice was so ridiculous.

I proved him wrong, but it still… Sometimes it makes me pause when I have to do something where people will hear me – my actual voice. I think it’s one of the main reasons I became a writer. Writing is quiet. Nobody hears you slur your s’s.

So, those fears? They block us. Don’t let your fear keep you from living your life, telling your story, being who you want to be.






Writing Tip: Think about what you’re afraid of. Think about why. Think about if that fear is holding you back from writing the story you want to write.

Dog Tip: Dogs don’t care about money or passing out or speaking in front of people. Channel your inner dog and do things that give you joy.


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    1. Yikes! It’s happening when you hit PLAY ON ANOTHER WINDOW, right? That’s weird. I’ve contacted, Castos, the hosting platform. Hopefully we can get that function fixed ASAP. Thank you so much for letting me know! I really appreciate it!

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