Carrie Does Poetry – “Santa’s Apology”

If Santa came would he apologize, the way people do now . . .

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Carrie Does Poems
Carrie Does Poems
Carrie Does Poetry - "Santa's Apology"

If Santa came would he

apologize, the way

people do now, and maybe

tweet about his perpetuated inequities

Yes, this child received

so much and this one so little.

A deluxe game system for one

And an orange for another. Yes, I gave one

a country and another a drunk uncle

whose spittle smells of gingerbread elves.

Or would he go quiet for months

(maybe years) until he was

emotionally ready to apologize

through his scotch-stained teeth

and say he’s gone through

extensive self-reflection;

therapy with Mrs. Claus

and the elves; and he’s ready

to be a better saint, a fairer man.

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