Be Brave Friday – Tired of Being a Ghost

Maine painters

So, I have had a weird week and an epiphany.

As you know (hopefully) BE BRAVE FRIDAY started over on my Facebook and it’s because I am afraid to share my art because (cough) I have issues. I know! Stunning revelation right there, right?

Anyways, I had an epiphany last night that so many of my paintings have ghost women in them. And I realized that they have ghost women in them is because I waffle all the time between:

  1. Afraid of being seen.
  2. Tired of not being seen.

If you are a woman or a member of an oppressed group, you probably know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about:

  1. Going into a conference as a speaker and everyone assuming the guy with you is the talent.
  2. Being at a board meeting and saying something and everyone ignores your suggestion until Chad says the exact same thing two minutes later and everyone is like, “Wow. Right, Chad. Good idea, Chad.”
  3. Trying to talk in a Zoom meeting and everyone just talking over you. Actually that goes for everyone.

And then there are the times you don’t want to be seen because it feels dangerous to be seen, to be known, to be noticed, in a society that can be full of trolls and drama and violence. If you have never felt that way, I am so happy for you.

But anyways. I think I am tired of being a ghost but sometimes it’s just so hard to be brave and materialize.

I hope you are brave today and all days and seen when you want to be seen.


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