Be Brave Friday: Maybe it’s a little brave to have no freaking clue

I’ve been working on this painting a bit this week, but mostly staring at it and trying to figure it out. It is a bit of a homage to my cousin and her little girl (who isn’t so little now, but just so beautiful) and then it branches out into something bigger.

It gives me so many questions that I don’t have answers to yet. Do I even out the color, the brush strokes? Do I go into the trees? Do I paint it all over and start new?

My life is a bit like that, too. I feel like I’m staring at it, not really seeing the full thing, trying to figure it out.

And there’s this constant pull, right?

Do I take action steps? Do I visualize what I want?

Do I let go, tune into the vibe of the universe and let it take me where I’m meant to go?

Life is so full with those one or the other choices. We’re pushed into this or that. As a novelist, I do the same thing to my characters, put them in situations, lean into their choices that make the story happen.

So, the question becomes how do we do that for life? How do we make life happen in a way that’s good for us, for our bodies, brains, heart and soul?

That’s my big ponder this week. Maybe it’s not so brave to ponder it. Maybe it is. I’m not sure. And that not being sure? I guess that’s my point this Be Brave Friday. It’s okay to not be sure.

Maybe it’s okay not to be focused on always being right.

Maybe it’s okay to admit that you have no freaking clue what’s going on about everything all the time.

And in a world where everyone is so adamant that their opinion is the true one, the only correct one? Maybe it’s even a little brave to not be 100 percent sure.

Yes, people might say you waffle. Yes, people might say you’re milquetoast. But that only matters if you let it matter. Maybe don’t let it matter, be unsure, look for facts and truths, embrace that journey toward being sure rather than insisting that you always are.

Also, I’m really into this hydrangea in our front yard.


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