What the Hell is a Copyeditor? Um, just the sexiest person in publishing.

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
What the Hell is a Copyeditor? Um, just the sexiest person in publishing.

The sexiest person in publishing is your copyeditor. Seriously.

Okay. First things first: 

What the hell is a copyeditor? 

That’s a hard question because honestly copyeditors can’t even agree on how to spell copyeditor or copyediting. 

Grammar nerds use style guides for consistency and those guides could be Chicago (most books), AP (most newspapers), MLA (other stuff like college) and they all have slightly different rules that copyeditors and publishers follow.

Those differences are really obvious when you just look at how to spell copyeditor.

Chicago Manual makes it all one word – copyeditor.

AP makes it two words – copy editor.

WIT uses – copy-edit or copyedit 


But basically what copyeditors do is broken down like this: 

1. Make it conform to a style that the publishing house uses.

2. Makes sure the cross references are cool, checks things like footnotes, tables, endnotes, illustration, caption, content, etc. 

3. Edits the language, grammar, etc. 

4. Tells us writers if there is something super inconsistent in the story

5. Reminds the author that they need permission to use poems or song lyrics, etc. 

6. Sometimes checks the chapter numbers, subtitles, headings,

They are the organizational, picky geniuses of the publishing world. They are people who look for errors, remind you of the rules, the hall monitors of publishing. 

It’s hard to make that sound sexy, but damn, it’s sexy. These unsung heroes make your book look good, you look intelligent, and what’s sexier than that? 

Writing Tip of the Cast

Being sexy isn’t about having your hair down. Listen to our random thought for more on that. Being sexy is about taking all the steps to make what you create as good as it can be. What you create might be a marriage, a book, a painting, a baby. Whatever. Invest the time in it. Invest care in it. That’s damn sexy. 

Dog Tip For Life

Pay attention to people who help you better. Blow off the people who hurt you in the guise of helping. Go with your gut instead.


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In the Woods


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