Throw Your Wife Around Strange Hobbies People Actually Do

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Throw Your Wife Around Strange Hobbies People Actually Do

Tonight we’re talking about weird hobbies. And on the podcast itself we talk a lot more about this than we do in these notes. We even talk about WHY people have hobbies.

What I like is when people who don’t even realize that their hobbies are weird or maybe just embarrassing.

Coburg Banks has a list of weird hobbies people actually put on their resume, and while they aren’t weird? It is a bit strange to put them down for a potential employer. We’re talking about things like.

“I like sex.”





“Honestly, I like doing nothing.”


“Time travel.”

“Snake skin collecting.”

“Arguing with people online.”

“Ferret racing.”

“Stalking celebrities.”

“Being awesome.”

“I have 14 cats.”

“Netflix n’ chill.”

“Crash dieting.”

And out in the regular world, there is the hobby of mooing. There is actually a moo-la-palooza in Wisconsin where people try to sound like a cow.

People also collect in-flight sickness bags, navel fluff, and ecstasy pills. A guy has done this for two decades.

And they throw their wives around.

There’s even the pretty cool hobby of Toy Voyaging, as explained by Stupid Hobby is “ToyVoyagers are traveling toys that are passed from person to person. To continue its journey, toys can be released into the wild for somebody to find. Their travels are tracked on a website. Each toy carries a unique identification number on a tag. A message on the tag encourages anyone who comes into contact with it to go to the website and update its Travelog with photographs.”

But our fave? It’s got to be guerrilla gardening. Listen to the podcast and find out why. 🙂



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