Three Tips to Writing Scary Things

I almost never think that what I’m writing is scary, but I am also an author who has occasionally had people put their books in the freezer in order to ‘stay safe.’ So, apparently I’m not the best judge of scary. I watched both Haunting of Hill House and Hereditary and nothing happened. No scary dreams, lingering horror, or even many jump scares. And these are movies/shows that are awesome and other people rave about.

So, obviously something is wrong with me.

But the truth is that I find books way more scary than movies and that’s because my mind gets to fill in the gaps and I’m able to put myself in the character’s space and live it through them in a way that works for me more than it does in a movie.

Advice about adding resonance and cohesion to your story
Bob? Yuri? Scary?


So, how do we scare people in books? Here are three quick tips.

Find the Horror in Skiing

Think about what scares people. What scares you might not scare other people.

I am going to try to ski today. Last time, I fell and broke my ankle. The time before that, I fell and broke my arm.

That’s truth, but it’s not terrifying to other people, right?

So, for me, I’m scared of downhill skiing. That’s really pretty damn specific and isn’t going to make people frightened unless like me they lack depth perception, grace, and strong ankles.

But if I make skiing the setting for losing control and someone sabotages ski binders or some evil creature lurks in the woods while people are skiing? And then kills them and hangs their broken skis in creepy patterns in the woods? It gets better and scarier.

Take what your frightened of, and then think about why you’re frightened of it, and then make it bigger and creepier and more relatable. Bingo – you’ve got scary.

Do not make your character toilet paper.

Make us care about your characters.

We don’t care about tissues when horrible things happen to them. Or toilet paper. And really horrible things happen to toilet paper and tissues.

There’s a reason for our lack of horror and concern over their fate. They are just toilet paper. They are just tissues. Whatever.

It’s works the same way for characters. We care about the characters that have been built up, that have emotions, dimension, feelings. We get frightened for them and with them.

The toilet paper was ripped from its roll and used. Horribly. Flushed down the toilet and into a swirling dark pipe full of water, chemicals and impossible smells. It was gone.

We don’t really care that much and we aren’t scared. We know that our fate is not the toilet paper’s fate and can’t put ourselves in its position. At least… Well, I hope we can’t.


When things get scary and full of action, you can use short sentences to show the fast-paced terror of your character.

He froze right outside the closet door. 

Someone was humming on the other side.

No, he thought. I just pulled the last bin of toys out of there two minutes ago and shut the door.

Nothing could be in there.

The humming kept up, louder now, and closer to a tune. Some kind of childhood lullaby.

He would not open the door. 

Something kept humming. 

“No,” he said.


Dude. Do not open that door.

Happy Halloween and happy scary writing, everyone!


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