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So because I am ridiculously nostalgic person and I like to remember when I was pre-published, I have a tendency to go back and look at old blog posts.

This is mostly to remind myself that:

  1. I have always been a wee bit anxious and goal driven.
  2. That I existed before 2020.

I just found one from August in another decade and it had a link that said, WHY AN MFA?

For those of you who aren’t musicians, writers, and artists and filmmakers, an MFA is a master’s in fine arts degree. My daughter, Em, is not getting an MFA. She’s getting an MBA and that means she has to do math. MFA is a better choice.

That was totally off topic because the point here is that when I thought, Hmm… Why MFA? and clicked the link it went to porn! Yes. Porn!

Now, because I am:

  1. Super anxious now that it’s 2020
  2. A wee bit paranoid now that it’s 2020

I screamed.

I screamed so loudly that the kitten vaulted out of the window and the other kitten ran in to see if there was a bug to attack and I stood up and jumped away from my computer proving once again that I would be the worst criminal in existence. Seriously. If you ever try to see me lie about a birthday present or tell someone that they look fan-freaking-tastic in that cowboy-hobo-outfit from Thredup that’s two sizes too small so they look like they are wearing Howdy Doody puppet clothes? Well, you would know.

After I finished screaming, I clicked out and slammed my laptop shut and sprayed it with Lysol (a sacrifice during Covid-19 times) and then gasped again while the kittens snubbed me for making them think there was a real threat like a squirrel, spider, dust-ball of dog hair, or dangling thread off a piece of clothing.

I had a couple questions once I calmed down:

  1. Why did a WHY MFA link going to a porn site now?
  2. Was this a message from the universe?
  3. Was the universe telling me that the alternative to an MFA was porn?

Yes. Actually. I think it was. And we should all be thankful I got that MFA.


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