Weird Things That Somehow Made the News

weird news- best live podcast by husband and wife
Loving the Strange
Loving the Strange
Weird Things That Somehow Made the News

A pig running hog wild? Check.

An ancient crocodile? Check.

A pup stuck behind a toilet? You know it.

This live podcast we delved a tiny bit into the world of strange news items. We didn’t get very far, but we definitely had fun.

Yep. We’re on YouTube. We have a following of five there. 🙂


The snippet of our intro and outro music is only a snippet of this guy’s awesome talent. Many thanks to Kaustubh Pandav. You can check out a bit of his work at the links below.

www.luckyboysconfusion.Net or 

Thanks for hanging out with us! And remember, don’t be afraid to let your strange out.


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