To e.g. or to i.e., that is the question

To e.g. or to i.e., that is the question
Write Better Now
Write Better Now
To e.g. or to i.e., that is the question

Sometimes you see these little bastards in text or sometimes you might want to put them in there yourself. Gasp!

We aren’t here to tell you how to be fancy or not, but we are here to let you know how to be fancy correctly and not look like a schmuck.

E.g. is short for exempli gratia, or “for example.” But this is a REAL example, so you can use it when you mean, “here are examples.”

I.e. is short for id est, which pretty much means “that is” or “in other words.” This one you use like you’re saying “in other words” or “in essence.” It usually clarifies things.

So, you could say,

I like books, e.g. big books, small books, happy books, cook books, all books that rhyme, all books about crime, all books about time.

Someone might punch you if you say that, but whatever. You do you.

For i.e., you would write,

I like books, i.e., anything that I can read and is bound or on my Kindle or Nook.

You’re clarifying what books are. Or you could say,

I like some books, i.e., anything by Carrie Jones and only Carrie Jones.

Shameless self plug up there.

Thanks for listening to Write Better Now.

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