Baked Spaghetti For Real

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Baked Spaghetti For Real

In episode 7 we learn that not all experiences are the same and Carrie tries baked spaghetti. She tries not to be a pain about it. She fails.

Dog Tip For Life – Live in the moment. Seriously. Eat the baked spaghetti. Don’t worry about if you’ll like it or if others will judge you. Try it.

Writing Tip of the Pod – Your experience isn’t universal. It isn’t even universal for your own demographic. Not every poor white person who grew up east of the Mississippi in the 1980s ate baked spaghetti.

To understand other people’s experiences, be open to learning about them. Don’t superimpose your reality onto theirs.

Think beyond yourself and your life. We don’t want all our characters to be the same.

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