How Do You Procrastinate and How Do You Stop?

So, when I started the first draft for the FOURTH (yes, fourth) book in the NEED series, I continued the life-long tradition of Carrie Jones Procrastination.

So, you might wonder what does a writer do to procrastinate?

Well, we do everything. All my writer friends know this.

pro-cras-ti-na-tion |prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən,|
noun of evil?

During the Need series,  I procrastinated by attacking the giant fur balls that my dogs Scotty and Tala left on the floor every day. Seriously, the fur was so big that it blew in the wind like tumbleweed.

Imagine that this was me (only I don’t wear khakis and I don’t have a guy butt) and the tumbleweed is white dog fur and you see my life.

Tala’s Ghost Explains: It was not a thyroid issue. I am a dog. I shed. It’s pretty! 

And in my procrastinating frenzy I became fascinated with David Hasselhoff. Seriously. Look at him….. I still need to write him into a book – procrastinating again. Yes, I know he has his OWN book, but still….

I think he has the look of an evil pixie. He would have fit right into the series. What do you think?

Well, writer friends and friends-friends, what do YOU do to procrastinate?

My top five ways to procrastinate are:
1. Pick up dog fur.
2. Check Facebook.
3. Think about Tweeting.
4. Staring out window.
5. Wondering if David Hasselhoff is human. I know he can’t be a vampire because he’s wearing a cross. But he COULD be a shifter or a pixie. He could!

Anyway, that was then during the Time of the Need Series, but I’m now in this weird other part of my writing life and I have a slightly different style of life and procrastination.

My current top five ways to procrastinate are:

  1. Picking up dog fur
  2. Thinking about things like God, existence, purpose
  3. Refreshing email on my phone.
  4. Thinking about Tweeting
  5. Scrolling through Facebook AND Instagram AND Twitter AND various newsfeed.

You will notice the Hasselhoff has dropped off the list.

And before I give procrastination a completely bad rap, let me say that there are good things about it.

Good things about procrastination:

  1. In the space where my mind isn’t actively working on a project, my brain sees other things in the world and ideas spark.
  2. My house is cleaner
  3. I see my emails sooner? Yeah… that one is a stretch.

But despite these good things, a lot of us don’t want to procrastinate quite so much, right?

So here are some ways to stop procrastinating:


  1. Make a deadline for yourself about whatever you are procrastinating about.
  2. Cut your project up into something manageable. Acknowledge your awesome when you hit smaller goals.
  3. Think about how awesome you will feel when you get that goal done.
  4. Don’t be afraid of failing. A lot of times we procrastinate about something because we think we won’t be able to do it well.


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Author: carriejonesbooks

I am the NYT and internationally-bestselling author of children's books, which include the NEED series, FLYING series, TIME STOPPERS series, DEAR BULLY and other books. I like hedgehogs and puppies and warm places. I have none of these things in my life.

9 thoughts on “How Do You Procrastinate and How Do You Stop?”

  1. Yes. Evil pixie. I can see it! I totally get the dog fur tumbleweed, but I’m pretty darn good at procrastinating cleaning it up 😉

    1. I only am good at when I’m procrastinating about other things. 🙂 But then…? I am the master of dog-tumbleweed cleanup.

      1. That would be the ultimate in procrastination thanks to travel time! <3 Great idea! 🙂

  2. I procrastinate by doing dumb stuff on my to do list (Post to Google+) versus important stuff (invoice X client). I have been using a bullet journal this year to try to do more habit tracking/smaller things toward my goal and that’s helped me not just do work crap but other crap that’s important. I also make myself look at the done list in my project management system for 60 seconds to force myself to acknowledge what I did do. Hang in there and may I recommend a robot vacuum for dog hair? 🙂

    1. Oh! I love that you make yourself acknowledge what you’ve done. I think we all tend to forget what we’ve actually accomplished once we’ve knocked it off our list.

      If I didn’t cross things out on my to-do list every day, I’d always feel like I did nothing.

      We thought of a robot vacuum and decided the Gabby fur would kill it a quick and pricey death. 🙁

  3. Good to know it’s not just me! Netflix is my big time suck, but I can’t stop! Lists and deadlines definitely always help though!

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