Dogs Know How to Be Famous, Do You? How to handle being popular

Dogs Know How to Be Famous, Do You? How to handle being popular
Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Dogs Know How to Be Famous, Do You? How to handle being popular

So this dog caught a ball in his mouth and the video of it became viral. His name is Stanley the Collie and he has his own Instagram account. Of course he does.

But then an Australian newsman interviewed Stanley and Stanley promptly took the microphone cover and ran off with it. Of course he did.

Stanley wasn’t media savvy. Or was he? Either way. He wasn’t going to change his essential Stanley-ness for fame. Writers shouldn’t either. Popularity comes and goes and it’s a hard guess whether what your doing is going to make you famous or popular. But the thing is you have to write your story – your essential truths – anyways. No matter what. Or else you’re selling out.

If you get famous, still be real. Okay? Never lose the essential you.

Writing Tip of the Pod

Sometimes your book does well and you suddenly have people crying when they meet you. Don’t blow off your old friends, mentors and colleagues because that fame? You didn’t get there alone. Support the people who supported you. Don’t trade them in for shiny new friends.

And that’s true the other way, too. Don’t be a passive aggressive jerk because one of your friends is doing well. If every time you see them post or hear them comment about good things makes you cringe? Maybe you need to reassess. It’s cool to support each other, not try to tear each other down.

Dog Tip for Life

Don’t change who you are just because you’re famous. Eat all the things. Fall down. Love everybody as much as you love yourself.



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