Dogs Are Smarter Than People Podcast New Episode – The Story of Gabby the Rescue Dog and Carrie Tries to Be Alpha

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Hey! Here’s a quick link to our newest podcast episode. The Farrar and I fight about whether or not female dogs can be alpha and we also talk about heroes in stories (how to make you care about them) and then also about Gabby the Dog’s hell-life before us.

Dogs are Smarter Than People Podcast

Here’s the link. 

Please listen and check it out if you can. We laugh a lot. We’re total dorks, but… yeah…Listen and subscribe anyway. Think of it as your act of kindness for the day. 🙂

And in exciting news, my editor has told me that my book, FLYING, is on sale throughout July (the e version) for $2.99. Here’s the Amazon link, but it is available everywhere online.




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