Do You Cast Characters In Your Books When You Write Them?

Okay. So, one of my favorite things to do is see fan trailers or castings of the NEED books. It makes me ridiculously happy – like in a dance around the kitchen sort of way. 

And people always cast super awesome Zara and super awesome Nick and super awesome Grandma Betty, but nobody ever EVER ever casts Zara’s dad. 

Spoiler Alert: Zara has a biological dad. Yes, most people do.

Anyway, when I was writing NEED and CAPTIVATE, I liked to imagine things. I didn’t usually have any actors in mind for any of the characters. That’s just not the way my muse rolls.

Yes, I am Grover and I am Carrie’s muse and internal cheerleader. Can you think of a better one? I am an inspiration even when on the potty.

Sorry for that! 

Anyway except for this one character, I totally had someone in mind, and hopefully he will never see this and think I am some sort of weird-novelist-fangirl, because that would be horrifying for me – and possibly for him. 

Maybe he would be honored, Cawwie. 

I doubt it, Grover. He was the inspiration for an evil pixie.

I was the inspiration for the hottie Nick, was I not?

Um, well…. no Grover. Sorry.

Grover in cosplay

The inspiration for the hottie Astley? It must be me. Look at how dashing I am in the trench coat and the cape. Not many can pull off the look, you know.

Um. No. Grover! I am so sorry. Grover!  Please do not pout! Anyway, here he is…. Jared Leto… who is how I imagine the pixie king.

And now that I’m about to release another super cool haunted campground paranormal called ALMOST DEAD, I’m doing it again and one of the characters, Luc, is absolutely inspired by this actor who coincidentally was on Lucifer, The Temptations, and Buffy.

Yep. I’m talking David Bryan Woodside. Of awesome.

Spoiler: I gave him tattoos.

Second spoiler: He is not entirely human or at least–not entirely a normal human.

Here’s a blurb about the book.

Be ready to resurrect your love of the paranormal in the first novel in the Alisa Thea series—the books that give new meaning to quirky paranormal.

Alisa Thea is barely scraping by as a landscaper in small-town Bar Harbor. She can’t touch people with her bare skin without seeing their deaths and passing out, which limits her job and friendship opportunities. It also doesn’t give much of a possibility for a love life, nor does her overbearing stepfather, the town’s sheriff. Then along comes an opportunity at a local campground where she thinks her need for a home and job are finally solved . . .

But the campground and its quirky residents have secrets of their own: the upper level is full of paranormals. And when some horrifying murders hit the campground—along with a potential boyfriend from her past who may be involved—Alisa starts to wonder if living in a campground of paranormals will end up in her own death.

It’s set to release November 1 and I hope you’ll check it out!

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