A Little Inter-Species Romance

So, sometimes I wake up and this is what’s happening, and it has nothing to do with writing, but you’ll forgive me, right?

Marsie the Cat: Shhh! Act like I wasn’t just kissing your muzzle.

Sparty the Dog: Does this look natural?

Marsie the Cat: No! Look like you want to eat me!

Sparty the Dog: Like this?

Marsie the Cat: You are the worst actor ever.

Sparty the Dog: We all can’t be Santa Paws, you know. We all can’t be Lassie.

Marsie the Cat: Santa Paws was hot.

Sparty the Dog: 

Marsie the Cat: You know he was.

Sparty the Dog: Baby, you know how to hurt a dog.

Despite Marise the cat’s totally hot-i-tude for Santa Paws, Sparty the dog sleeps with his paw touching her.

He’s all, “I keep you safe all night long, baby.”

I am starting to feel like the odd-species out. You know? Like when your best friend gets a significant other and you all do stuff like go to the beach or a concert, but they are always kissing and making cutie-faces and you’re just sort of … Um, hey? Anyone want to talk about existentialism?… but nobody does because they are too busy sucking face? 

That’s what it’s like. Only it’s like that in my house on my bed.

And on the couch.

And on the floor.

Pretty much everywhere, honestly. 

And the thing is? All that love is beautiful.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn


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