So, we got a puppy . . . . and I did not pee on the floor!

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So, we have ourselves a new dog. A real new dog! In fact, two days from today we will have had her for exactly two weeks. It is another rescue and Carrie promised that we wouldn’t have to get another rescue. But at least this time it is a puppy.

The truth of the matter is that Carrie was browsing the available dogs on a rescue site, and she showed me this particular dog and I said, “Let’s get it!”

So, we did.

Actually, Carrie did, because she did all of the work filling out forms and speaking to people on the phone. But I drove the four and a half hours to pick her up, so I consider it even. It has been a fun couple of weeks, and we think that we may have lucked out again and gotten another good dog.

Of course, good is relative. I think this one is good. As a matter of fact, this may very well be the first dog (even a puppy) that I have fallen for to the point of letting her love up on me, snuggle quietly, and even lick my face frantically if that is her mood.

When we got this puppy, Carrie and I decided that we were going to name it ourselves and not let our daughters have a say in it because collectively they have named all of our previous seven or so pets. Somehow, we decided that her name was going to be Pogie. Carrie apparently knows that word from a song or something but when I heard it, I instantly liked it. 

She is sitting in her crate right now barking and whining her head off because she cannot see us. She is in a timeout for peeing on the floor and Pogie and I are wondering when she will be totally house broken.

Okay, if you didn’t at least chuckle at that I want you to quit reading right now. Not really! Please don’t go, but I thought it was a funny non-mistake.

Pogie has kept us busy these last two weeks. It seems as though we have been doing shift work called, “Do you have eyes on the dog right now?”

Unfortunately, I have to work out of the house and that means Carrie has been pulling some overtime. But I appreciate her for it, and I always look forward to catching her with Pogie sleeping in her lap and her arms all askew while she tries to type and not wake the puppy.

I just realized that I basically wrote this entire blogpost solely so that I could make that joke about Carrie being in the kennel and other than that it really has no purpose.

I will give it a purpose.

If you forgot what it was like to be able to shower joy and happiness on a baby while not being bothered (except on the rare occasion) by all the extra work, go get yourself a puppy! There, that is my point. Having a little puppy will make you realize that you can have almost the same benefits without having a human baby. And the commitment is so much shorter!

Seriously though, if you have forgotten how to feel that loving joyfulness that only puppy belly smell can bring, you might want to remind yourself. Or you might just want to try and remind yourself by spreading your own love and joy to another person. It can make you feel just as good and sometimes much better. Just don’t try and pick them up and smell their belly!

Spread some love!

Spread some happiness and joy!




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