What It’s Like to See Your Book In a Store

I work with a lot of pre-published authors and one of the things they ask me is what it feels like to see your book out there in the wilds of the bookstore.

I usually say, “Weird.”

And they usually say, “Super descriptive there, Carrie.”

So, this is what happened the first time I saw my book baby in a store.

I live in a pretty rural place and I drove forty miles to the big city of Bangor Maine to check out a Borders Bookstore. Borders still existed in 2007, which is when my first book was published. I know! I am ancient!

So there it is. My book. It was brown.

Yes! It was facing out! I didn’t even do that. How amazing is that? 

But the super cool amazing event of the day was that I moseyed into the next aisle and quietly stressed about how there is no way anyone will buy my book when there are so many super amazing books out there, when a real live person under twenty went over and actually PICKED UP MY BOOK!

My book.

Because I am cool as a cucumber, I started hyperventilating, because that is what I do.

Then she opened it. She read the back. She opened to a random page. She read the first page.

I started hyperventilating more quietly so I could also chant, “PLEASE BUY IT. PLEASE BUY IT. PLEASE BUY IT.”


I then totally freaked out, ran into a picture book aisle where no children were present and skipped around in a circle, silently shouting, “YES! Yes! YES!”

Seriously, though, how random and wonderful is that? 

The best part? At least one person under twenty will read my young-adult book.

I feel completely, totally satisfied.*

The other best part?

This is going to happen to all the other writers out there in LiveJournal land and it has already happened to so many writers. 

Man, that’s just the coolest.

*It turned out that I did not stay completely, totally satisfied.

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