Monday Cat Inspiration

Humans, keep your heads up, go after your dreams especially if your dreams involve staring at birds all day.

What? Not your dream? That’s okay. I don’t judge yours. You don’t judge mine. Deal?

Only we get to determine our own dreams. Let’s make them fantastic.

Koko Cat

Cat Inspiration for Your Friday


Cats never forget how magnificent we are even when we’re just sitting on a table.

Be like us.

Own your majesty.

Be emotionally honest. Demand your wants. Watch each others backs. Meow wildly.

Rise up & raise each other up. You can do this.


Marsie & Cloud

This week’s podcast.

Cat Thoughts for Friday

Sometimes the ones you least expect to love you end up licking your face. 

Lean into love.

You deserve it. 

Love brings kindness. Kindness brings goodness. Goodness brings hope. Lean.


Cloud and Marsie

Kitten Inspiration

How does your heart survive sometimes? I don’t know. I’m just so glad that it does. That we are in this world together. It’s okay to rest. It’s all okay. Do what you need to do to thrive. I am rooting for you and your heart.
Kitten Inspiration

How does your heart survive sometimes? 

I don’t know. 

I’m just so glad that it does. 

That we are in this world together. 

It’s okay to rest.

It’s all okay. Do what you need to do to thrive. 

I am rooting for you and your heart. 


Cloud the Kitten

Marsie’s Monday Motivation – Cat Loves Dog, TLF

Marsie: It’s Monday.

Me: Yes.



Marsie: Aren’t you going to whine about it?

Me: No.


Me: Aren’t you going to ask why I’m not going to whine about it?

Marsie: I’m a cat. I stopped caring. I’ll care about in like – 32 hours or if you bring out some cat nip or kitty snacks. Then I’ll be your best friend again for like… hm… 45 seconds.


Marsie: Just giving you the truth, human.

Me: I’m happy because today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I’m happy because I like the fact that you and Sparty the Dog kiss each other and snuggle.


Marsie: He’s warm.


Marsie: Fine, I love him.

Me: That’s why I’m okay this Monday. Even though things can suck and people can suck, there are these tiny little glimmers of hope that we might learn a thing or two from other people or from cats and dogs about love.


Me: What I’m trying to say is you inspire me, Marsie, because despite all your tough talk and kitty glares and cat face, you’re really just about the love.


Marsie: Human! Don’t tell! The other cats will mock me!

Me: Sorry, baby, they already know. Sometimes, they just choose not to remember.



Writing News:

I’m super excited because I’m going to be at Book Expo America signing copies of my nonfiction picture book about Moe Berg!

The Spy Who Played Baseball

And I’m super excited because I started teaching the online Writing Barn class and despite the fact that Sparty the Dog expelled gas out his rectum (REALLY LOUDLY) none of the students heard it. And I don’t think anyone noticed my gagging face either.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.12.12 AM

Sparty: Oops.

Finally, I’m moving forward with the podcast. I had to order a microphone, which was sort of terrifying because I know nothing about microphones. And honestly, I sound like a Muppet, so the whole thought of my voice just being out there? That sort of brings up childhood fears of bullying and one of my old teachers telling me that I’d never succeed at anything because of my s’s. I talk about that in Dear Bully. I’m still going to try though because I am done with fear keeping me from trying things, right? I’m going to channel my inner cat. I hope you do, too!


Monday Motivation by Marsie!


So, it’s Monday again and Marsie wants you to know that you can do this.

You’ve got this week.

Whatever choices you need to make, whatever actions you have to take?

You can do this.

It’s okay to be the small spoon, to snuggle with a different species, to shout out your story or to hold it close to your chest.

Live like your life is important. It is. You matter. Your words matter.

And if you feel worried, remember Sparty’s got your back.



Monday Motivation by Marsie

Good morning!

Look, people might tell you that you can’t do something.

They might try to define you.

They might even try to convince you that:

  • Cats cannot role-play Godzilla
  • Cats cannot eat gingerbread houses
  • Cats can’t motivate on Mondays

But those people? They are wrong.

Only you get to define you.

Go be Godzilla! Go eat gingerbread! Kick butt this week and this Monday. You’ve got this.


Monday Motivation by Marsie

Good morning!

I hope you all claw onto life and your goals today, the way Marsie my cat claws onto my leg. Make it hurt. 🙂

Protect your goals and your life. Guard them. Own them. Keep your eyes half open all the time. You’ve got this.


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