Banff, Beer, Balls, and Going to the Dark Side, Baby

Dogs Are Smarter Than People: Writing Life, Marriage and Motivation
Banff, Beer, Balls, and Going to the Dark Side, Baby

We have a bonus podcast this week and it has swears in it and some adult content, so we’re going to give it an explicit rating even though it’s not super explicit. We’re just chill like that.

The bonus podcast features:

  1. Shaun lying
  2. Banff Film Festival!
  3. Carrie talking about third grader writers. Note: They have their characters rip their own hearts out in stories.
  4. The fact that the word ‘fart’ is a terribly ugly word and Carrie never quote-unquote ‘rips one.’
  5. Bud-Lite

We’re super psyched because this episode is sponsored by Ballsy.

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