Be Brave Friday

It’s Be Brave Friday and I’m trying to be brave and post a little painting.

Be Brave Friday usually features art because I have a lot of negative scripts in my mind from my childhood and my mom insisting that nobody in our family had ‘an artistic bone in their body.’ She was a lovely mom! She just… I was a kid who listened to those sorts of things and even though art was my favorite thing to do? Well, I figured she was right.

One of the first steps in being brave is acknowledging your fear so I should probably admit what I’m afraid of (in a personal sense not a world sense)

1. Not doing enough to help the world

2. Actually hurting instead of helping

3. Sucking at things but thinking I’m good at them.

4. Showing art (You all know that).

5. Not being there when the people I love need me.

6. Not being a writer anymore.

How about you? How are you feeling? Being brave? Admitting what you’re afraid of? I’m rooting for you. You’ve got this.


Pretty soon, I’m going to have a Teachable class all about the scene. It’s going to be pretty cheap and hopefully you’ll sign up and like it. You can also get access if you sign up for the $5 level for my Patreon. That link is behind the jump.

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