Stellar Writing Coach and Human Being

Carrie is not only whip-smart, savvy, and insightful, she is kind, generous, and real. A stellar writing coach and human being, she gives me priceless creative and professional guidance, but most of all she gives me hope. Her joyful, honest approach to writing is a bright and guiding light. I’d follow it anywhere.


Nancy Stone

Ideal Writing Coach

Carrie is the ideal writing coach. She’s not only adept at pointing out the “big picture” elements that need improvement, but she’s also interested in the granular details that many people overlook. She asks smart questions about your work and encourages you to dig deeper. I became a better, more confident writer because of her mentoring. 

– Michele Ames

Writing Coach of Your Dreams

Carrie is the writing coach I always dreamed of having. She has such a great balance in her feedback between singing your praises at what is working and giving you honest criticism at what still needs development. Carrie goes above and beyond in her editorial letters, giving very clear and detailed feedback, and her eagerness to answer any questions makes the whole experience of critique—which can be a very vulnerable experience—make you feel like you’re with a trusted friend that you’ve known for years (even though you just met).
Jason Gallaher, author of WHOBERT WHOVER, OWL DETECTIVE