slow cooker cheesy garlic herb mashed potatoes of first line anxiety

Cooking With a Writer

slow cooker cheesy garlic herb mashed potatoes of first line anxiety

Cooking With a Writer pinit

Things might not be going all that well here at the Jones-Farrar household. Between NaNoWriMo, remote schooling, COVID, being trapped with each other and not travelling for ten months?

I’ve got some writers block and a need for starch. Keto be damned. It’s almost Thanksgiving in the U.S.

How about you?

slow cooker cheesy garlic herb mashed potatoes of first lines

• yukon gold potatoes (peeled and quartered),

• heavy cream,

• whole milk,

• fresh sage leaves (plus more for serving),

• sprigs fresh thyme (plus more for serving),

• garlic (smashed),

• parmesan rind (optional),

• 6 TB salted butter (at room temperature),

• kosher salt and black pepper,

• shredded gruyere cheese (or use more!!),

Look writer, you need to get things started.

It is almost Thanksgiving in the U.S. and you signed up for National Novel Writing Month, which means you have to write 50,000 words.;

You have written none.;

That’s because you can’t think of a first line.;

You are having first line anxiety. This is normal. This is very writer of you. ;

So, be even more of a writer about this and procrastinate by cooking potatoes in a slow cooker.

Put the potatoes, parmesan rind (if you have something that fancy) heavy cream, milk, garlic, and sage into the slow cooker. 

Um. Plug it in, honey. It needs electricity.;

Okay, now put the cover on and press the numbers for either high (4-5 hours) or low (6-8 hours).

Stare at your computer’s blank document for all that time, trying to be all Hemingway and create the perfect sentence.

Give up and check on the potatoes.  Are they fork tender?

If yes? Coolio. Turn the heat to warm. If not? Cook more and check again.

Drain potatoes. Do not burn yourself. Do not drain the cream.; Throw out the herbs and rind. Like adverbs, they have served their purpose in this first draft and you are CUT CUT CUTTING them out. 

Put the potatoes through a ricer or mash them. Put them back in the pot. If you go the mashing route, you can do this in the pot to make less dishes. Less dishes equals happier writers. 

Add that 1.5 cups of cream you didn’t toss. Add the butter. 

Does it not look right? Add more cream until it does. The potatoes are like a first sentence. You’ve got to revise it until it’s snazzy.

Add salt and pepper to snazz it up.

Now, enter the world of best sellers and add cheese. Look at you, you rock star! Stir it up. Put the cover on. Cook for 15 minutes. The cheese should be melted. 

They can stay this way for four hours.

Eat them.

This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cooking sites in the universe. The Half Baked Harvest.

Head over there to see the recipe in non-writer (sane human) form and the variations for insta pot and stove.

slow cooker cheesy garlic herb mashed potatoes of first line anxiety

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