Refried Beans of Revision Crockpot Style

Refried Beans of Revision Crockpot Style


Sometimes, you just have to refry things in a crockpot. Okay? Don’t judge. I’m from New England. We like our crockpots.

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My little novella (It’s spare. It’s sad) is out and it’s just $1,99. It is a book of my heart and I am so worried about it, honestly.

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[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Refried Beans of Revision Crockpot Style – – raw pinto beans (Raw man! RAW!), water, salt, chopped onion, crushed garlic, minced green pepper (because peppers rock. I add hot peppers too because I'm spicy. ), ground cumin, black pepper, rice (optional – I never do this, honestly. ), See all that stuff? It's what makes your book — I mean beans — awesome.; Admire the beans. They are characters. Admire the water that holds it all together. ; Put all those ingredients in the crockpot.; Try not to think about it.; Cook it in the crockpot on high. ; Think about people who have InstaPots. Judge them. Feel old school.; Realize you aren't old school. You're just too poor to buy an InstaPot.; Try not to care.; Keep cooking. Ignore it just like you ignore all deadlines, plot holes, bad dialogue and your excessive use of the word "then." ; Check it at five hours. It looks cool.; Check it at eight hours. It's mooshy! YAY! ; Put it in a blender if you're an overachiever.; Put some in a skillet and fry in oil if you're a human.; Adjust for salt and stuff.; SMASH IT ALL IN YOUR MOUTH AND REJOICE! ; – <p>I have been making a version of these from the Moosewood Cookbook ever since I got the Moosewood Cookbook in high school. <br /><br />This specific version is adapted from Courageous Joy, which adapted it from Moosewood. <a href="">Here's the link. </a></p> – side dish – vegetarian – Cooking With A Writer – cooking – cookingvegetarian – cookingwithawriter – refriedbeans – refriedbeansinacrockpot – refriedbeansrecipes – refriedpintobeans – vegetarian – vegetarianrecipe – vegetarianrecipes[/wpurp-searchable-recipe]

Refried Beans of Revision Crockpot Style

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