Baked Bean Quesadillas of Raymond Carver Minimalism–Vegetarian Recipes

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Baked Bean Quesadillas of Raymond Carver Minimalism--Vegetarian Recipes
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
  1. Find a pan.
  2. "You probably need to eat something," you say to the pan. But no. The pan can't eat. You can though.
  3. Wonder if this is minimalism yet.
  4. Wonder if the act of wonder deletes the minimalism.
  5. Find a corn tortilla.
  6. Channel Raymond Carver. Offer it a drink.
  7. When it doesn't answer, put the tortilla in the pan.
  8. "How's that?" you say. "How do you feel being topped with beans?"
  9. Put the beans on top.
  10. Say, "Eating is a small, good thing in a time like this."
  11. Add, "So is mashing. But not too much."
  12. Find a spoon, flip it around and use it to mash the beans just a bit.
  13. "It’s good to eat something," you say to yourself, to the pan, to the beans mashed on the tortilla.
  14. Put on cheese.
  15. Put the heat on medium-high, and heat until the cheese begins to melt.
  16. While it melts, think of Carver, say "let's 'speak of loneliness, and of the sense of doubt and limitation that had come.'"
  17. Inhale.
  18. Put the other tortilla on top.
  19. Press down a bit like you are pushing down tears and loneliness and doubt and limitation.
  20. Flip that quesadilla over.
  21. Heat until cheese is totally melted.
  22. Put it on your plate.
  23. "Smell this," you say to your nose. "It's good to eat something."
Recipe Notes

This recipe is adapted from the NYT. It is much easier to follow there. 

Half the quotes are from Raymond Carver's "A Small Good Thing," which you can find an excerpt of and the whole PDF over on Pencake.  

And you can find out more about me here. 

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