Freelance Spot Photography and Event Coverage for Nonprofits and For Profits

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Are you a nonprofit agency about to undertake an important project? Are you a cool company that needs someone to write about your event?

You want to share your story with the world, but you’re too busy doing good to get the right photo?

Part of sharing your story is making sure that you have the images that resonate with potential volunteers and donors and customers. As a former award-winning newspaper reporter, editor, and current Rotary International public image chair for Zone 24, this kind of photography and short videography is my specialty.

I’m an award-winning photojournalist and I can use my skills for you.

For an additional fee, I can also write compelling stories to document the photos.

I specialize in joy, in resilience, and in building connections.

Here’s an example of my nonfiction writing.

Here’s another for a local Women in Business Expo.

Finally, here’s an example of a more in-depth article about Apalchicola one month after Hurricane Michael.

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 For information on pricing, contact me through the form below!


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For more information, availability, pricing, and to discuss how to best share your project with the world, please use the contact form below. Good luck with your projects!


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