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  • Not Worrying About The Dog Fur On The Stair: My Baby Epiphany About How I’m Trapping Myself

    Be Brave Friday (a little late and on a Sunday) Sometimes you know that your life is a prison, but you can’t figure out why. Maybe something has made you trapped — responsibility, bad health, a pandemic, bad weather, anxiety. That’s how I felt on Thursday when Shaun told me that the housing inspector was…

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  • Writing is About Facing Out and Facing In

    Novelists Are Public Writers, Too, Plus exercise and place to submit May 2023 Raymond Peter Clark has a new writing book out, Tell It Like It Is: A Guide to Clear and Honest Writing, and Katherine Gammon has a piece about it in Poyntor. There are a couple excerpts in there that I’ve fallen a bit in love with…

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  • Fear the Dog? Embrace the Fear

    Marsie the Cat: Let’s talk about fear, human. Me: I’m just afraid of so much stuff. Marsie: You’re afraid of failing, of being vulnerable, of exposing yourself to the world, am I right? Or worse — What if nobody even notices you? Or worse — What if there is suddenly no catnip in the house? Me: Marsie: Me: How…

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  • My Mom And Hugging Away The Judgement

    You Have To Believe in The Good–Living Happy Roundup My mother spent a lifetime hugging other people. Meeting after meeting, interaction after interaction, for the entire time that she was alive, she would hug people when she saw them and hug them when they left. Her hugs were many. Her hugs were long. She would…

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  • I’ve Been Talking To People I’m Scared of and It’s Turning Out Okay

    injustice often came from not taking care of the earth and then not taking care of each other.

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  • I May Sound Like Marcel the Shell, But I’m Getting More Resilient, Damn It

    Living Happy and Be Brave Friday Because of my big Sunday breakdown at the beginning of the month, I’ve been looking into resilience a lot, and it brought me down a bit of a wormhole about stoicism. Backstory: Basically, one negative comment on that day about my news blog (and me) knocked me down pretty…

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  • People Used To Spit On My Dad When He Was Little

    I haven’t had a BE BRAVE FRIDAY for a bit, but it’s something I used to do all the time to try to push myself out of my comfort zone, especially about sharing my art. There’s this old Simon Sinek quote that goes, “A star wants to see herself rise to the top. A leader…

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  • The Power of Silence In Writing

    And how to put it on the page Sound. It often surrounds us. But sometimes it is just completely and utterly gone. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a moment of high trauma (personal or public). It’s the moment when something big happens, something so big that time feels like it slows down…

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  • Does Your Form Match Your Function?

    Thoughts on Writing Action and a Little Bit on Pacing So, I’ve been talking a bit about action scenes lately. And one of the big adages that writing coaches and writers put out there is that you want the form to match the function. Chuck Wendig is a big advocate of this and he writes,…

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