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  • Finding Your Credo

    Finding Your Credo

    It’s okay to be milquetoast if you want to be When my daughter was little, she was at a preschool and another girl attacked her, knocking her down, roaring like a lion, saying she was going to eat her up. My daughter’s dress was ripped. When I picked her up, the teachers said, “Don’t worry,…

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  • American Eulogy

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  • If he postures like a gorilla? It’s probably not a good sign

    Understanding Emotion Sometimes when my ex-husband was angry and drunk his posture would change. It wasn’t upright with his shoulders back. It wasn’t just that his hands would curl into fists. It was the movement of his arms, the hunching of his shoulders, how his legs suddenly pointed out when he walked, how his chest…

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  • Strange Things Dogs Eat

    This live podcast we talked about the strange things our canine friends munch on and sometimes gulp down. Rubber duckies, anyone? SITES WE MENTION

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  • Be Brave Friday-Being Knocked off the Sidewalk and Working on My Assumptions

    The two women were walking down the sidewalk toward the library, heading toward me. I knew one of them. Everyone in town knows her. I’d met with her a few months ago, confused about why she’d wanted to meet me. Whatever the reason, it was obvious that I’d failed the test the way I do…

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  • The Two Main Keys to Hooking Your Readers: Curiosity and Care

    Write Better Now Roundup Have you ever been at a party and someone tells a story and you just don’t care? Have you ever been that person telling the story and realized mid-story that everyone’s eyes have dulled over? You feel trapped. You want the story to be over (especially if you’re the one telling…

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    This one is about dogs There’s a story I tell about our dog, Scotty, who was a rescue and a hero kind of dog. Em calls him “the best dog ever.” He had bullets still inside of him when we got him, shrapnel. He was kind and chill and super loving, protective when he had…

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    We’re talking about hooks here. So, last week I talked about hooking your readers. And I promised that I’d keep talking about it. I am keeping that promise. Hooking your reader might make you think of pirates and nasty horror movies, but it really just means keeping your readers actually reading your book. I’ve broken it down…

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    BE BRAVE FRIDAY It is always a little terrifying for me to put myself out there. I met a local man last night and he shook his head and said, “I like to fly under the radar, you know?” His suit coat was off. His tie was still on. He made a motion for an…

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  • All Body and No Beak: Should You Leave Social Media?

    This week we talk about Shaun’s potential Only Fans and whether or not we should be on social media and if not all, which ones should we be on. DOG TIP FOR LIFE Be consistent. Do what makes you happy. LINKS WE REFERENCE Medium article

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